"A Church Looking to Jesus Christ To Work Out A Greater Plan In Our Lives"

Pastor J.W. Baird

Church History

(1889 - 2017)
For 127 years, God has held the Elkhorn Baptist Church in HIS hands. With faithful workers in Halifax, Virginia, Mr. Nat T. Green and Mrs. Julia L. Coleman entered into a deed agreement for property with Trustee Meade Logan and Deacon W.L. Well. Services were held on Road 666 on the property of Mrs. Sue Dixon and later moved to the present location in 1891.
A responsibility was given to these past Pastors who served the Lord at Elkhorn Baptist Church: Pastor Pledge Barksdale, Pastor Gill, Pastor J.C. Banks, Pastor I.A. Walker, Pastor W.C. Cunningham, Pastor J.W. Baird, Pastor E.G. Williams, Pastor Samuel Griffith, Pastor Emeritus Dr. Fred H. Vann, Pastor Emeritus Dr. C. Lewis Motley, and Pastor Voight F. Hairston. Also, we were blessed in having had four associate ministers within our church family: the late Rev. Charles Dixon, late Rev. John Davis, Minister Charlie H. Coleman, and Elder Robin D. Hairston.

pastor emeritus

Dr. C. Lewis Motley

Pastor Samuel griffith

Our Past Pastors

Pastor E.G. Williams

pastor emeritus

Dr. Fred H. Vann

pastor voight F. Hairston